Tips for Making Pie Crusts and Pie Making

Tips for Making Pie Crusts and Pie Making

Our family loves pies as do a lot of people. Here are some things I have learned over the years about pie making.

If you still want to make your own pie crusts, here are a few tips.

  1. A pie crust will be easier to make and better if all the ingredients are cool.
  2. If your pastry crumbles, you have over-mixed the flour and shortening.
  3. If your pastry is tough, you are using too much water and over mixed the dough.
  4. Place the lower crust in the pan so that it covers the surface smoothly. And be sure no air lurks beneath the surface because it will push the crust out of shape when it is baking.
  5. Folding the top crust over the lower crust before crimping it will keep the juices in the pie.
  6. To prevent your crust from becoming soggy when you are making a cream pie, sprinkle the crust with powdered sugar before putting in the filling. Or, bake it at a high temperature for about ten minutes and then finish baking at a lower temperature.
  7. Cut drinking straws into short lengths and insert them through the slits in the pie crusts to prevent juice from running over in the oven and permit steam to escape.

Here are additional tips regarding pie making in general that everyone should know:

  1. Egg whites for meringue should be set out to room temperature before beating. This way your meringue will have greater volume.
  2. Meringue will not shrink if you spread it on the pie so that it touches the crust on each side and bake it in a moderate oven.
  3. Pecans are very expensive these days. If you want to make a pecan pie and do not have any nuts, substitute crushed corn flakes. They will raise to the top the same as nuts and give a delicious flavor and crunchy surface.
  4. Put a layer of marshmallows in the bottom of a pumpkin pie and then add the filling. You will have a nice topping as the marshmallows will come to the top while baking.
  5. If your fruit or custard pies do not brown make sure you are baking at a constant temperature (400-425 degrees F) in Pyrex pan.

Try this simple and easy Apple Pie recipe. If you do not want to try making your own crust, just get the pre-made one at your local grocery store.

Peel, core and cut in small pieces enough apples until you have 2 cups. Then add to the apples, 1 stick of melted margarine or butter; 1 ½ cups sugar; 1 tbsp flour; 1 egg; and 1 tsp. cinnamon. Mix until blended.

Pour the mixture into an unbaked crust and top with another unbaked crust. Bake at 400 degrees F for 30 to 35 minutes.


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