Pie Plates – Essential and Inexpensive

Cooking at home is not as popular as it used to be. There are so many different companies that make pies that can be purchased as chilled or frozen, so it may seem a waste of time and effort to make them yourself.

If you have a special recipe however it is worth creating your own and for this you will need pie plates. Gone are the days when the skill was all with the chef.

It is now possible to get pie plates that will stop certain problems from occurring. This makes it much easier if the problem has been something such as a soggy base.

Tests have been carried out on numerous plates and the majority of the made pies were tasty and problem free. One of the main problems is the pastry at the bottom of the pie sticking to the base of the dish.

pie plate

It will be easy to serve your dessert from the new range, as they all seem to have a non-stick base. The down side to a lot is that they have a great deal of advertising on them and they are not ideal as items to use in public.

Prices vary from as much as $40 down to around $8 to $10. It is no longer the case that you have to have pie plates that are just white or terracotta but they can be in almost any color and many will be in the shape and color of a fruit.

Cleaning the dish after use is important and there is a wide difference between the ones that clean easily and the ones that do not. The downside is that you do not know this until you have bought the plate.


If a pie is going to have a crust at the top and bottom, it is important that both are crispy. If the bottom part is going to remain soggy, it will be best not to have it at all.

pyrex pie plates

Some pie plates are good for this and testers recommend the following ones. The NordicWare Natural Commercial Bakeware Covered Pie Pan at $15 ticks all the boxes.

Top and bottom crusts are crispy and it is easy to clean and looks good. You would be happy to put it on the table in front of your guests.

The Emile Henry Pie Dish at $40 may be more expensive but you are getting what you pay for.

It comes in cherry red or apple green and not only produces an exceptional pie, but cleans well.

pie plates stacked

Add to this the fact that it looks great on the table and you have an ideal dish.

The Good Cook Pie Pan was the cheapest tested at $5 and it was considered more than capable of turning out a good pie.

It may not look that great on display but for occasional use, it is a useful purchase. Once you have decided on what is important in your particular pie plates, you can go ahead and purchase one using the information others have provided through testing.

Your family and friends will be pleased you did.


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