French Fries Are No Longer the Same – Try to Keep Up

When you think of french fries I bet you picture a long, straight, square cross-sectioned pieces of potatoes. Deep fried. Sometimes french fries are smooth, sometimes corrugated. These are the types everyone recognizes.

You probably also know such fried potato products as potato chips, steak fries, wedges or cross cuts. But guess what? There are more. Maybe you’ve seen that, maybe not.

Does spiral fries, or ribbon fries ring the bell? Sure they do, you must have seen them in some fast food ads, or even in some restaurants. You may have even eaten them. And I am sure you’ve wandered, how are they made.


How do you transform a round potato into a spiral or ribbon? My guess was that at home it’s impossible.

But it appears I was wrong. You do that with little help of Potato Cutter.

Potato Cutter is a smart and extremely simple accessory that with a little help of your strong arm converts any potato to a number of specifically shaped pieces.

All you need to do after that, is fry.

The device usually consists of a metal or plastic solid frame, set of blades and a crank handle or a lever. All you need to do is attach your potato to the crank handle/lever and crank/push it.

The potato is being pushed through the blades, which produce a usual fries, chips, wedges, spiral, ribbon or any other shape, depending on the blade type you have in your device.

Of course some of the accessories available have switchable blades and some are just for one type.


As usual with similar slicing/cutting accessories, there are some applications beyond the basic one.

So is in this case. Apart from just cutting potatoes for fries, you can cut other vegetables, such as carrots, or celery root and use it as a salad ingredients or decoration for your dishes.

simple pie and chips with some sauce

Don’t hesitate then. If you or your friends and relatives love fries, give them a nice surprise with totally unusual shape of it. Your kids are going to fight for the longest spiral, and your friends will die of curiosity, how did you manage to prepare this meal.


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